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Senior Leann Smyth Works as a Princess for Children’s Parties


Credit to Riley Witherbee

By Anna Besancenez

She walks into the office/studio at Enchanted Events with her hair in a tight wig cap and makeup already done, ready to transform herself into a princess. She warms up her singing voice and gets the party bag together, including the props and the coronation poem along with the certificate attached to the tiara. Then, it’s time for the party to begin.

Senior Leann Smyth works to make little girls’ dreams come true as a party host at Enchanted Events.

“I mostly dress up as Jasmine, Moana, Belle or Anna from Frozen,” Smyth says. “There is also mascots from Paw Patrol. Those are really popular at parties right now.”

When Smyth arrives to the parties, after greeting the parents and kids, the kids have ecstatic smiles and jump up and down at first sight of the princess. The kids gather around saying hello. The kids and the princess talk for a while about the princess’ movie. After they sing happy birthday, the coronation begins.

“During the party and coronation, we turn the birthday girl into a princess,” owner of Enchanted Events Kelly Scheider said. “She repeats a magical poem and the princess waves the magical wand and then places the tiara on her head. The princess now presents the new princess to her guest as a real princess.”

After the coronation, the princess gives the child an autograph card signed by the princess and fun children’s games are played like hot potato or freeze dance with songs from the princess movies. When singing and performing, Smyth uses her choir voice to add strength to her performance.

“I think that my experience in choir has really helped me,” Smyth said. “I don’t think I would have excelled in choir as much as I do now without this job.”