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Alumni Jake Miller Finds the Strength to Quit his Vaping Habit From High School


By Sydney Ellison

The simple fact of growing up is how Alumni Jake Miller got past his nicotine addiction. Miller began vaping in high school but after graduating in 2019 and going to college his vaping habit ended. Initially it was the variety of flavors that convinced Miller to vape but it was the nicotine that made him stay.

“It’s just what nicotine does. It just makes you addicted, you just like it. You like the feeling.” Miller said.

Though often surrounded with peers and friends who vape, Millers’ decision to vape was entirely his own, there was no peer pressure. Miller’s friends who didn’t vape often voiced their disapproval about his vaping habits.

“They would always just pressure me to stop and they would just keep telling me there’s no point in doing it,” Miller said.

Vaping also made a big dent in his bank account which is a large factor in why he regrets vaping in high school.  According to Miller, he bought a pack of pods a week as a high school student. To put that in reference, the E-cigarette Juul has pods that sell for $15.99. 

“I know it’s like everyone’s doing but it’s just a big waste of money,” Miller said. “Save up your money and get some stuff that is actually valuable to you.”

Miller is now going to SCC pursuing a job in the medical field. Miller still sees plenty of people vaping while on campus but stays away from gaining back that habit for himself. Millers advice would be to go against the trend and don’t vape.

“It is definitely harmful,” Miller said. “Nothing should be going into your lungs except for air.”