New Film Club Started at FHN


Freshmen Jessika Rogers and Makayla Hayes watch “The Ring” attentively. The club was started by Anjolina Blackwell and they meet on Thursdays to watch and discuss films. “I joined so I could watch a different type of movie, ones that I usually wouldn’t watch,” freshman DaNyla Creacy said. (Photo by Sam Waltkins)

By Ashlynn Perez, North Star Reporter

The film club is a new group at FHN, recently founded through the joint efforts of social studies teacher Anastasia Hercules and senior Anjolina Blackwell. The club was created in order to watch movies and promote an appreciation for the art of film. The group has watched more than five movies so far.

“I’ve been in film clubs at other schools,” Hercules said. “This is the best one I’ve had. Everyone here is interested and they actually want to be here.”

Hercules and Blackwell had discussed movies during school, and their shared interest bloomed into the film club. Starting out with roughly 10 people that regularly attended meetings, the film club took off.

The club chooses a genre for each month and watches a movie from that genre every Thursday after school in Hercules’ room. They started with horror movies to celebrate October’s spooky season, and then moved into a more light-hearted comedy genre for November. They plan on watching holiday-themed movies for December.

“We get a variety of movies,” junior film club member Luis Hernandez said. “They pick ones that fit a mood.”

Students start the meetings discussing what movies they watch and the plan for the upcoming months. They have a large say in the decisions the club makes and are able to have a say in the way it works.

“It’s their club,” Hercules said. “They have a lot of films they’re passionate about, so we’ll try to work those in.”

Hercules tries to incorporate a wide range of movies within the genre, both for entertainment and enjoyment, but also to educate the students on the different types of films.

“Movies affect people,” Hercules said. “They draw you in and they’re an expression of people.