Christmas Music Should Be Reserved for the Christmas season [Opinion]

Christmas Music Should Be Reserved for the Christmas season [Opinion]

By Justin Christensen, North Star Writer

Christmas comes with many special things. One of the biggest ones is Christmas music. There is a great variety of Christmas songs in existence, like “Jingle Bells,” “All I Want for Christmas is You,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” and lots more. There is an ongoing debate as to when these tunes are appropriate to listen to. Some people are Christmas lovers and are happy with listening to Christmas music all year, while some people have a set time frame for when it is appropriate. The best time for Christmas music should be reserved for the Christmas season.

Holiday music all year long is inappropriate. It should be saved for after Thanksgiving through New Year, however, because playing music year round would take away from some of the special quality of the music. Christmas music is special because it is only widely played around the holiday season. If it was played every day, it would no longer be special, like any other song played on the radio.

Some people absolutely detest Christmas music and would rather not hear it at all. They say it all sounds the same, upbeat and happy, which isn’t their style. That is very true, but that’s the point of it. It’s a happy time of year: people give gifts to each other, spend time with their families and much more. Christmas music reflects the overall feeling of the holiday: happiness and joy. Besides, lots of people really enjoy listening to Christmas music, so it still should be played widely during the holiday season.

When played during the right times, Christmas music is a fun, special addition to the holiday season. To keep the special quality of Christmas music, the best time for it to be widely played would be just the Christmas season.