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Junior Jenna Weber has a Love for AP Studio Art


Credit to Ashlynn Perez

By Skylar Vogel

There are plenty of AP classes for students to take at Francis Howell North, one AP class stands out more than the rest is AP Studio Art. Junior Jenna Weber is actively involved in AP Studio Art and has a deep love and passion for the class and overall art.

“My favorite thing about the class is that we have a lot of freedom,” Weber said. “The class used to be a lot more strict, but since the curriculum changed, we’re given a lot more freedom.”

Weber’s love for art began at a young age and plans on continuing her love for art after high school.

“I’m going to try to get into the illustration and animation field,” Weber said.

AP Studio Art is more difficult and holds the students to a higher standard than most other art classes at FHN. Before taking the class, a student has to apply with their art and the teachers analyze and decide weather or not to give them a spot within the classroom.

“To take the class, you have to make a portfolio showing your artwork to the art teachers,” Weber said.

For some people, criticism can be one’s worst enemy, but for Weber,  she takes it and views it as a positive and influencing experience and uses it to help improve her art.

“I would say listen to critiques and turn it into something positive so it helps you grow.” Weber said.