Junior Yousef Shabany Finds Passion For Weightlifting


By Jasey Adkinson, Excalibur Reporter

Finding a passion is something that has the power to change someone’s life. For junior Yousef Shabany, weightlifting has changed his life within the past year and a half. It has been something that Shabany does to improve his physique and has created an outlet for him to express himself as well as let out stress. 

“It started in 7th and 8th grade with pushups and pullups, and progressed to where I am now, taking it more seriously and working out weekly,” Shabany said.

Shabany’s passion for weight lifting didn’t come out of nowhere. After feeling a sense of disadvantage from being skinnier and shorter than all of his peers, he decided to do something to change the way he felt about himself. 

“I continue to see improvements when I look better and I can see myself getting stronger along with that,” Shabany said.

When Shabany lifts, he enjoys having friends to help motivate him during a hard workout. He enjoys working out with some of his school friends, as well as his dad.

“My dad influenced me to be strong and start taking it more seriously. My stepdad, and my friends Ian, Braxton, and Justin have helped me a lot along the way,” Shabany said.

In the future Shabany has many goals. The main one being getting bigger and stronger, and just becoming more confident all around. With his work ethic and motivation, this shouldn’t be far out of reach.

“He always pushes me and gives off good energy during workouts,” Shabany’s friend Justin Baniak said. “We are always dancing and it just helps pump up the workout. He’s all around really strong in each lift. I don’t know if he has a biggest strength since he is so versatile. I see him not only getting bigger, but getting much stronger in the future.”