FHN Drama Club Rescheduled Annual Trivia Night


Credit to Adam Hogan

Drama Club prepares props for their play.

By Bree Ammons, Web Staffer

Kim Sulzner and drama club’s officers rescheduled their trivia night for a later date in the spring due to overlap with other school events. 

The decision was made as a result of a combination of poor planning and the upcoming arrival of finals and other club activities. 

“Dan and I had a conversation,” Drama Club Advisor Kim Sulzner said. “All of a sudden we looked at the calendar and it was just a couple weeks away and we realized we kind of dropped the ball. We hadn’t advertised, we hadn’t sold any tables. [It’s not a] sell tables today and have it tomorrow type of thing.” 

Drama club’s trivia night has only been done for three years and is held to raise money for drama club to attend the Missouri State Thespian Conference. 

“The money goes toward offsetting the cost of state for whoever works at it,” Sulzner said.

The money is raised by selling tables to guests. Each table is allowed to bring decorations and food for their table. They also play games in between rounds of questions. In the past, they’ve held a dessert auction. 

“We set out the desserts and a sheet of paper in front of them for bidding,” Sulzner said. “Whoever wins the bid gets to take the dessert home.”

Drama club has decided to push their trivia night back towards the end of second semester and will likely continue planning the event sometime after winter break. 

“When we get back from [the Missouri State Thespian Conference], we’ll start to look at trivia night and start planning it,” Sulzner said. 

In the three years that it’s been held, trivia nights attendance has slowly grown. 

“If you’ve never been to a trivia night, they’re really fun,” Sulzner said. “It’s just kind of fun to go. The questions are usually interesting. They’re just a hoot.”