Senior Jeremiah Meter excited for final wrestling season


Credit to Parker Kilen

Senior Jeremiah Meter prepares for wrestling practice.

By Parker Kilen

Senior Jeremiah Meter discusses his goals for his team and his senior wrestling season. Meter has been wrestling since his freshman year and hopes to make this season his best for himself and the whole team, especially with all the new coaching changes and having a full girls team.

Q: What are you and the teams goals for this season?

A: My goal is to try and make it to state this year and try and bring a state medal home, and everybody else’s goal is to win matches and try to make it to state too.

Q: How will this season be different from last season?

A: This season’s different because we’ve got a lot of new guys stepping up into varsity spots for the first time and the team [Is having] a momentum change from last season.

Q: What did you and the team’s accomplish last season?

A: We sent 3 guys to state last year, we had various tournament players, people brought medals home, and we just had more complete team last year, and I was one match away from the state tournament last year and it was my first time on varsity.

Q: What improvements do you hope to make compared to last season for this season?

A: I’m working on my top game and my stand up game throwing holes and technique and all that, and just working on making sure all the kinks are smoothed out.

Q: What wrestlers including yourself are you most confident in?

A: Myself, sophomore Mason Apple, junior Jesse Collins and I think us 3 bring some hardware to Francis Howell North this year.

Q: How do you feel about the coaching changes and coaches?

A: I think coach Brown and coach Fowler are really good coaches and they’re bringing in a lot of good technique and they’re helping us practice and making us the best we can be.

Q: What do you think about the girls team and coaching staff?

A: There’s a lot more girls on the team this year, there’s more interest in it the girls are working hard to and also got tournaments, and coach Fowler and coach Sqwire are going to be a good duo for them and help them bring some medals home.