Junior Isabelle Delarue Works to Recover from a Concussion


By Sophia Gabel

On Tuesday, Dec. 3, Junior Isabelle Delarue arrived at her first basketball game of the season, ready to play. Little did she know what was really in store for her.

Delarue has played basketball for 12 years, and has found it to be her passion. She enjoys playing basketball for the club BlueStar STL U17 and played on Varsity for FHN her freshman and sophomore year. 

Delarue was excited for this season until during her first game, when she got a concussion. It happened while she was dribbling the basketball to the net and she collided with a player on the opposing team.  

“I felt super dizzy and light-headed right after,” Delarue said. “I’d never felt like that before so it was a weird feeling.”

Due to this dizziness she was feeling, Delarue sat out the rest of the game and watched her team push forward from the sidelines. Afterwards, she went to the trainers and was diagnosed with a concussion. This meant she couldn’t practice or play in any games for two weeks.

“I’m pretty sad to be missing three games and all the practices,” Delarue said “but I really want to progress throughout the season, and this is just more of a reason to push myself harder.”

Delarue’s teammates have been really supportive throughout this event. They all continue to bring Delarue up and reassure her that her season is not over.

“My team is upset and frustrated but they continue to support me and look forward to me getting back on the court,” Delarue said.