FHN Basketball Teams Reflect on Games Against FHC


Credit to File Photo

Head Coach Dawn Hahn speaks with her Varsity basketball players during a break in the game.

By Abby Martinez

   On Friday, Jan. 10, FHN held two basketball games for both the boys and the girls FHN teams, who pushed for a win against Francis Howell Central. FHC has been a school rival for FHN since they have played each other. Both teams were excited to play and have some friendly competition.

“I am looking forward to playing Central because I like competition,” sophomore Jay’la Teasley said.

The girls’ team went in playing with a record of 2-8 in hopes of making it 3-8. However, the girls lost 53-35. The girls have had quite a few changes that they have had to adapt to as a team. But the ladies have worked to overcome them together, especially pushing to improve during the game. 

“This season has been going pretty well,” Teasley said. “We still have a lot of things to work on, but we are improving over time.”

The girls pushed to fight against challenges and strive for their best.

“There are a lot of times where we are doing really good in the 1st quarter. Then the 2nd quarter, we drop off. Then we come back after half, then drop off in the 4th quarter. It’s like ups and downs. I hope we can play consistently throughout the rest of the season.”

FHN’s boys’ basketball team is going through similar setbacks as the FHN’s girl team. According to senior Sterling Jones, all of the boys have a lot of talent and skills that bring a lot to compete with. 

“This season has been a struggle,” Jones said. “There have been a couple of games where we’ve come close, but we just haven’t been able to grasp it.”

Along with working on defense, the team’s reflecting on their mindset during each game, especially this recent game against FHC. The boys lost 64-44, but they pushed and played hard to come close.

“Our attitude, sometimes in games, cause us to get down if we make mistakes,” Jones said. 

Both FHN basketball teams were geared up and are ready to play against FHC. They were both hoping to get a win but fell just below FHC. Both teams put up a good fight and hope to push for the rest of the season.

“It was our first home game,” Jones said. “I was just happy to play my senior year. I’m just happy to compete.”