FHN varsity hockey celebrates senior night


Credit to Riley Witherbee

Senior goalie Charlie Jones celebrates senior night victory with teammates.

By Parker Kilen, FHNtoday/game day.com reporter

On Jan. 4th, the varsity hockey team had their senior night against Holt. The team won 4-6, and it turned out to be one of the best games of the season. 

“This is a big game for a couple of reasons one we were having a little bit of a losing streak so this is a big kind of rebound confidence builder for us,” assistant coach Chris Peak said. “But this was our senior night as well which is really big we have 3 seniors on the team Charlie Jones, Blaine Longmore, Any Plawski and it was a good win being able to do it for the seniors.”

All three of these guys especially Longmore have made a lot of fantastic memories playing on the team, especially since his brother Bryce Longmore was also once apart of it.

“I’m going to miss playing hockey, after this I probably won’t be doing much hockey,” Longmore said. “My most memorable experience was playing for the rockets [who are] my club team and winning like 6 or 7 championships, as for north it was being able to play for my brother and making friends with my people in the organization and things like that.”

Overall, this season has been much better compared to previous one’s especially since they have already won 4 games as of now and have a lot more hockey this season to look forward to.

“I’m just proud of the effort, the last couple years we haven’t had the best seasons and really just didn’t have enough players to be competitive the last couple years but this year showing a lot of heart, coming in big and getting excited to see these guys for sure,” Peak said.