Freshman Aubrey Crespo’s Military Family Moved Often


Credit to Kaili Martin

By Ivy Lowery

Moving often, packing lightly and living in completely different environments every two years. Friends come and go as freshman Aubery Crespo and her family blow in the wind. Aubrey’s father, Joshua Crespo, is an Air Force veteran- a job that comes with responsibility and sacrifice.

Joshua, 38, recently retired from the Air Force. He has a different job within the military, but no longer has to move his family around for his job. His wife, Angelica Crespo, is also an Air Force veteran. Joshua and Angelica have two daughters, Aubrey and Lily Crespo.

“He was a staff sergeant,” Aubrey said. “My Dad now works as an imagery analyst. It’s like a geography thing, he looks at landscapes to find bad people.”

When Aubrey was eight, she moved to Osan Airforce Base in South Korea. Two years later, she moved to California and stayed there until she was 11.

“The worst place I ever lived was California because everything is dead there; you can’t really go outside,” Aubrey said. “South Korea was the best place I lived because the food was great and the culture was cool.”

Before Aubrey and her family moved for the first time, her father was deployed to Afghanistan for seven months. He was never on the battlefield, but he did work in dangerous conditions.

“I don’t remember how I felt, I was like five or six. I was sad that he was gone, but I knew he would be back.” Aubrey said. “I remember we would Skype him every once in a while. We also sent him giant boxes filled with things like cookies and cards saying we miss him. We also would put stuffed animals in there.”

Moving homes can often affect a child and their ability to make friends. Even though Aubrey has met people and left people, she doesn’t let that keep her down.

“She had to move away from her best friend. If I were in her situation, it would be lonely,” Adrian Hensley said. “She keeps her spirit.”