Sophomores Anticipate Upcoming Ring Assembly


Credit to Kali Martin

Senior Emilee Statzer holds in her hand the class ring she customized. Francis Howell North offers students an opportunity to buy a class ring that they get to customize. During the school day students who ordered a ring get to go down to the ring ceremony to receive their rings. (Photo by Kaili Martin)

By Macy Cronin, North Star Reporter

The sophomore rings assembly is Jan. 20. The event is an informational meeting regarding the Sophomore Rings Ceremony. Oscar Sun, a sophomore at FHN, expresses his positive views on the ring ceremony.

“The ring represents all of my favorite memories of FHN, especially participation in clubs, cross country and track, and the pep assemblies,” Sun said. “What sets this school apart from the rest is its ability to make sure every student matters.”

The most integral part of the ceremony is when the 10th graders receive their rings. The cost of the rings are roughly $200 to $400 based upon what style is chosen, but to some the gratitude of receiving it outweighs the necessary cost of the rings.

“As students, we forget that sometimes the most fun we have in all of our lives is in high school,” Sun said. “Before we know it, we graduate, so might as well enjoy ourselves while we still can.”

This function is a way for friends to catch up, and share some old memories one may have forgotten. It is also where sophomores can look at their past mistakes, and look for improvements in the future. The ring is a way to always remember high school and all the memories that have been made throughout those formative years.

“These rings not only bring back old memories of my high school career, but they also remind us that high school is only halfway completed and that there are many memories to come,” Sun said.

The ceremony not only unites the sophomores but also shows administrators and teachers how much their students have matured and grown. Amy Stoker, who teaches sophomore and senior English classes at FHN, appreciates the event.

“The rings not only celebrate the sophomores but also show their ability to achieve anything they put their minds too,” said Stoker.