HOSA Prepares for Upcoming Blood Drive


Credit to Kamryn Bell

By Sydney Ellison, North Star Reporter

The blood drive put on by HOSA is coming up soon on Feb. 24th. The event will be held in the big gym throughout the school day. Students and staff can donate blood to a good cause through this event. HOSA will have a table during lunch prior to the blood drive where willing donors can sign up. Donors must be 16 or older and 16 year olds must have a parent’s signature.

“I think it [donating blood] is important because some people do really, really need it. It can be a life or death situation,” HOSA president Angela Cuccio said.

HOSA is partnering with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center for this blood drive. The organization provides trained specialist and safe equipment for the event. Students and staff who signed up will come down during the day and fill out some paperwork, then they will give blood. After, donors receive a snack and drink to help replenish their bodies.

 “I’m most excited for in the middle [of the day] once a bunch of people are down there and everyone’s having a good time because they all know that they are doing something that impacts people,” Cuccio said.

Cuccio and HOSA treasurer Harsitha Segabambi were the main student planners of the event. They are excited to see how many people give blood for a good cause and enjoyed planning the event.

 “I think it’s a great way of helping the world and hospitals to get more blood because a lot of people do need blood and some people from our school can give blood and other patients can take it without worrying about the blood type,” Segabambi said.