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White Castle Goes From Fast-Food to Fine Dining To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Madi Tierney, FHNToday Reporter

Valentine’s Day is an exciting time period for White Castle employees because they turn the usual fast food joint into a nice sit down restaurant. Senior Andrew Wahwai has been an employee at White Castle for over a year now and he’s been through White Castle’s Valentine’s Day special.

“We put decorations out and turn our fast food into fine dining,” Wahwai said. “It’s a nice change from our normal, everyday routine.”

White Castle appears “very red” on Valentine’s Day according to Shift Lead Kayla Whitehorn.

“We have red table cloths and things that dangle, centerpieces, trays, menus, and we sit people like a sit-down restaurant would; they don’t even have to get up,” Wahwai said. “You have to make a reservation on Valentine’s Day, you can’t just walk in because it would be too crowded.”

The employees at White Castle really work hard to make the Valentine’s Day experience great for everyone.

“The overall experience, and seeing people’s faces for how above and beyond we go is the best part,” Wahwai said.

White Castle stays very well staffed for all the expected customers on this romantic day.

“We’ve got about 10 people working on Valentine’s Day,” Whitehorn said. “We need three people on the floor to serve, we still need people to make the food, and people to work drive through.”


White Castle is supposedly ‘the original fast-food restaurant,’ according to this website, so many people don’t think White Castle of all places would have a good turn out on Valentine’s Day. It’s more common for people to go to a fancy and expensive dinner. Wahwai though, disagreed.

“There’s a lot of people that come to White Castle on Valentine’s Day,” Wahwai said. “People really seem to enjoy eating their Valentine’s Day meal at our restaurant.”

Whitehorn believes White Castle to be a very traditional fast food restaurant, which was founded in Wichita, Kansas, September 13, 1921; almost an entire century ago.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but in the old days crowds of people came to White Castle for their first date,” Whitehorn said. “A lot of people got married here, and a lot of people got engaged here.”

White Castle is still a popular restaurant to this day.

“We have people that come here everyday, every morning, at the same time,” Whitehorn said. “So they’re all going to be here on Valentine’s Day.”