Reagan Grannemann and Her Family Adopt Four Goats as Pets


By Maggie Koester, Yearbook Staffer

Cats, dogs, and fish are what most people consider for their pets, but not Reagan Grannemann. In May 2017 her family grew by four. Their family decided to adopt goats as pets and their life has not been the same since. 

“We have two boys and two girls,” Kym Grannemann, Reagan’s mom, said, “ The boys are greedy while the girls are sweet and loving. They all have their own personalities and not one is the same.” 

The Grannemann family wanted something different that not every family would have. They live on three and a half acres of land that used to be a horse farm and decided that horses were too much work, but still wanted farm animals. 


“We found an article online and decided that we wanted to adopt them,” Kym said. “We plan to milk them once day.”

Taking care of them is like taking care of any other pet. They need to be fed and bathed, they need to have water, and they need hay. But the goats also love attention. 

“Everyday after school I go out and play with them, because they get hyper if nobody is giving them attention,” Reagan said. “I usually play with them for an hour so they get the attention that they need.

Goats like to play a lot of games with each other. They tend to be wild and crazy with each other. They enjoy each others company and always are competitive with one another. 

“Headbutting is one of their favorite games to play,” Reagan said. “It is when they push on each others heads until one gives in.”

Goats are not the easiest pets to take care of. They are hyper and need lots of attention. One piece of advice Reagan would give is to be prepared. 

“If you are thinking about getting goats as pets you need to be prepared,” Reagan said. “Some people may think that they are easier than other pets, but they’re not.” 

The goats are permanent members of the family now. Reagan can’t imagine life without her goats.

“I can’t imagine life without them,” Reagan said. “It is like a mom with her kid, sometimes they get on your nerves but you will always love them.”