FHN Students Reflect on Their Snowcoming Experience


Credit to Caroline Blanke

By Madi Tierney

 Snowcoming  is the winter dance at Francis Howell North. FHN is the only school in the district that has a Snowcoming every year consistently. It gives students another opportunity to dress up and get together with their friends for a night filled with music, dancing, and fun.


Many people love the excitement of getting ready for the dance with friends, and going to take pictures.

“The moment I will remember forever is the excitement every time I put my dress on,” Junior Lorin Van-Thomas said. “I feel very accomplished.”

Junior and Student Council President Caroline Blanke had a very memorable moment as well.

“I will forever remember getting on court,” Blanke said. “Despite me being in charge of Student Council, it’s nice to see the teachers around me support me enough to get me on the ballot and then for the students of our grade to vote for me to win.” 

Everyone had their favorite and least favorite parts of the dance. For some, the music didn’t suit their taste.

“I didn’t really like the music, but I listen to mostly Spanish music so it was okay,” Junior Jorge Perenz said.

The dance would be non-existent without the help of StuCo, volunteers, and faculty. The number of students that attend Snoco increases every year according to Jani Wilkens, which can lead to the conclusion that it is a very successful dance overall.

“Putting Snoco together is stressful as usual since a lot of planning is required, but we have a great group of people from all areas of the school,” Blanke said. “We compromise, talking to one another to include all ideas to help make our dance amazing.”