North Street Coffeehouse Is Shortened From Two Days of Performances to One


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

Seniors Audrey Forth and Maddy Wood sing "Titanium" by David Guetta for the North Street Coffeehouse. This is the first time they have performed at coffeehouse.

By Haidyn Stewart, FHNToday Reporter

North Street Coffeehouse has been run every year by FHN since it’s first appearance in 2014 and auditions have been declining over past years. For the first time in North Street Coffeehouse history, the event will occur over a single day.

“Last year we had almost enough auditions to have Coffeehouse for two days, this year we only had enough for one,” said Tara Willen, FHN Media Specialist. 

The true root of why auditions have been declining over the years is still unknown but the media specialists believe an increase of schoolwork or a decreased interest in school activities across North are at fault. As Coffeehouse has continued,  there has been a decrease in the spoken word and material art performances, though live musical acts have increased. 

“I think people just don’t have as much interest in performing as they did when we first started, I don’t know what it is,” said Angie Davis, FHN Media Specialist. 

Because there was abundant advertising in the morning announcements and flyers about the school, the Media Specialists are at a loss as to what the problem is. But they wish to find out the root of the problem before Coffeehouse is canceled due to a lack of performers.

“We plan on asking the English students that come down about what they believe is the problem with wanting to perform,” Willen said.