Junior Delegates Begin Planning Prom With Hopes to Make This Year Unique


Credit to Sarah Williams

Junior Ben Ell presents an idea about prom to the group. The junior delegates are a group of students from this year’s junior class that get together around second semester to plan for prom. The group as well, hosts the prom fashion show for the junior and senior class.

By Andrew Reese, North Star Reporter

The junior delegates are making headway on planning prom, scheduled for April 24. Like last year, prom will be held at Old Hickory Golf Club with the theme Roaring ’20s/Golden Age of Hollywood. Despite the similarities, the delegates don’t want to make a replica of last year.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can to be different from the past years, but then also learn from what went well last year and years past,”  class officer Luke Coffman said.

A few aspects of planning are still up in the air as of now, such as ticket price and the food selection, but they are discussing replacing last year’s gift of a cup with a T-shirt instead that comes with each ticket bought. The budget of the event is another unknown that will be determined by fundraising, such as the prom fashion show and the delegate’s T-shirt sales as well as ticket sales. Whatever the amount, the delegates plan to utilize it to the fullest.

“With the amount of work we’re going to put in, we’re going to make sure it’s fun and a blast,” Coffman said.

A few social aspects are also being addressed by the delegates, partially learning from past years. One example is their choice to remove “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond from the playlist due to an inappropriate rewrite of the lyrics made by the previous year’s students. There will also be the typical expectations such as the formality of students’ dress and the appropriateness of their dancing. Regardless of the regulations, it’s important to remember the meaning of the dance.

“For the seniors, it’s their last big event before graduation, and for juniors, it’s like, ‘Oh look, you have one year left of high school, so make the most of it,”’ delegate Brandi Stover said.