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Freshman Riley Puhr Coaches Gymnastics


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By Maggie Koester, Yearbook Staffer

Lots of freshmen are playing their dream sports, but not Riley Puhr. Puhr coaches at GymQuarters Gymnastic Center twice a week. Gymquarters is a gymnastic center that is located in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri.  She coaches a variety of kids ranging from two to ten years old. Coaching helps Puhr remember her roots in gymnastics. 

“My favorite part is watching them learn new things, and watching them master new skills,” Puhr said.

Kids react to learning new skills like backflips and handsprings in different ways. Coaching kids at such a young age teaches Puhr to have a lot of patience. 

“One of the biggest challenges is trying to be patient with the kids that I’m coaching,” Puhr said. “It is also hard knowing that you can’t do it for them.”

While kids may test Puhr’s patience, she wouldn’t trade it for any other job. Puhr and her fellow colleagues work together so they can have a fun atmosphere for the kids.  

“The other coaches are definitely one of my favorite parts of coaching,” Puhr said. “The whole atmosphere of the place is so much it makes me want to go to work.” 

All of the coaches are different at GymQuarters. They all enjoy their jobs but they each like to coach in different ways. Some coaches may be tougher while others are more laid back with their teaching styles. 

“I like to think that I’m a fun coach. We all coach in different ways and everyone is different,” Puhr said. “I want the girls to be able to come and talk to me, but I also want them to do their skills right.”

Being able to coach helps Puhr go back to her gymnastics roots. When she was little, Puhr grew up doing her own stunts at GymQuarters. Being a coach also helps her build relationships with the kids she coaches. 

“I really enjoy watching the kids grow and learn new things,” Puhr said. “They are one of the main reasons I enjoy coaching so much.” 

To be a coach takes a special person. They have to be patient and willing to help others at all times. Zoe Barron, a good friend of Puhr’s, says that she’s perfect to be a coach. 

“She is very positive and makes everything more fun,” Barron said. “I think it is really cool that she coaches and teaches new skills to the kids. It amazes me.”