Executive Producer of FHNtoday TV Emily Hood Wins State High School Journalist of the Year


Credit to Kaili Martin

By Liy Taliaferro

It’s 2017, the beginning of second semester and freshman Emily Hood has just joined FHN’s video staff. Originally, Hood wanted to be a photographer, however she was placed on the video staff instead. As a scared freshman, she stuck with it and later learned that video was something she wanted to pursue as a career when she started Hood Report.

“I ended up totally loving doing video and getting to go out and do interviews and talk to people and not only get a chance to be creative, but also do something that had an impact on people, [something] people got excited about and [something] that made a difference.” Hood said.

For Hood, room 105 has always been a place where ideas, inspiration and people willing to help are swarming. She’s grateful for that atmosphere.

“My freshman year, Jacob Lintner won Missouri [High School] Journalist of the year and I saw him win it and everything that he did and everything that he made and I thought it was really cool,” Hood said. Much to Hood’s surprise, she had found out that she won. A dream that she had as a freshman had come true her senior year.

“I found out via email and she [Hood] was [on a field trip] in Kansas [with Dr. H and a group of students].” Manfull said. “I wanted to give her a call and talk to her, but her phone was not turned on, so Dr. H and I texted and I called him. He gave her the phone and I told her that way. I don’t think she really expected it to come when it did.”

When Hood got the news, she jumped and ran around the lobby of the Kansas high school.

“This room is a space where you can have big, creative ideas that can have a chance to grow here in this room and so if you have that idea, being willing to put in the work and put in the effort to see that [idea] through, you will get so much out of this room. It’s been a really, really fun time and I’m so sad to be leaving, but it’s been a really cool experience.”  Hood said.