New Version of Nintendos Animal Crossing Hits the Shelves


By DaNyla Creacy, North Star Writer

Nintendo released its next official edition to the Animal Crossing game series, called Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on March 20. This allows players to experience the freedom of personalizing their very own island.

“Each edition has a different task for you to do such as running a village, designing homes, or creating a campsite,” said freshman DaNaysha Creacy. “I heard that in the new one your goal is to decorate an island and I’m excited for that.”

Animal Crossing was published by Nintendo in 2005, and Nintendo creates different versions to add new elements to the game, making each edition more interesting than the next.

“I like the idea of being able to freely create a town like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I would imagine that New Horizon would have similar features,” freshman Miracle Berry said.

Animal Crossing gives its audience the ability to explore their creative side and experience what it’s like to design homes or manage a town filled with all different types of characters.

“The more well-known characters are Isabelle, Tom Nook, then there is KK Slider who is the DJ in Animal crossing,” Creacy said. “Of course, all of the characters are important but these are the more famous of them.”

The main differences between each edition would be the locations and the job the player is assigned, and those are probably the most important aspects of the entire game.

“I think that the most important part of the game is your job, because that kind of decided where the game would take place and it also tells you what you are supposed to do,” Berry said.

The target audience for the game is seven and up. Nintendo adds childish characteristics through the characters and the animation, but they also add components that make it fun for everyone, such as the responsibilities that come with managing a town and the handling of the animal citizens that live there.

“I feel as though this game is a bit underrated and people don’t talk about it very much,” Creacy said. “ I think this is a wonderful game and if more people played it then it could get the credit that it deserves.”