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New Superintendent Nathan Hoven Has Plans for FHSD


Credit to Addy Bradbury

During a meeting with Becky-David staff, Deputy Superintendent Nathan Hoven covers concerns teachers have with Proposition S. (Photo by Addy Bradbury)

By Justin Brewer, North Star Reporter

As FHSD’s current superintendent’s term comes to a close, a new face is taking over. Chief Academic Officer Nathan Hoven will be replacing the current superintendent Mary Hendricks-Harris on July 1. Since his appointment to Deputy Superintendent in January, Hoven has been working with Hendricks-Harris and the executive cabinet to build the district.

“Once we knew that Hendricks-Harris was retiring, it put me in a good place to apply for that job,” Hoven said. “At that point, you really start to have a good vision for seeing yourself as a potential in that role.”

Although Hoven is working with the current Superintendent to continue parts of her mission, he has some goals of his own for the district. First on the list is a smooth transition into office. He wants to prevent disrupting the good place he believes the district is currently in. The next one is the continuation of the path the district is on. There is much of it that the public isn’t aware of yet and he really wants to push that plan through. He also has goals to pass Proposition S and build community support. He wants to see the community expectations met through this bond issue and also wants to make sure he is preparing students for college and careers.

“When things are going well, you don’t want students or teachers or families to feel concerned that we’re not going to keep doing the great things that we are doing,” Hoven said.

Along with completing his other job, he has been working with Hendricks-Harris too. As well as being Deputy Superintendent, he is the Chief Academic Officer and a member of the executive cabinet.

“One of the many things he brings to the position is just his ability to see problems from multiple perspectives,” Hendricks-Harris said. “When you have been in an organization for a long time you become trained to see things the way the organization sees them.”