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Minecraft to Bring New Features in 1.16 Update


By Ryleigh O'Donnell, North Star Writer

Stronger than diamonds and resistant to lava, netherite has become the new rarest item to get into Minecraft. To get it you have to use a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe. The ores are usually found under lava. Players can also make it by smelting ancient debris, which can be found in one of the new biomes. Combining four netherite scraps with a gold ingot can make one netherite ingot.The way you can make netherite equipment and armor is by combining with the tool or armor piece. Any damage done or enchantments to the items do not pass over to the netherite items.

They are aggressive and will attack on sight unless players are wearing gold armor. They are suspicious of player actions so if players mine gold or open a chest near them they will attack. Piglins that go into the Overworld will be zombified quickly. They don’t like soul fire and attack skeletons. The piglin babies will play with baby hoglins.

Hoglins are aggressive and will attack players on sight. They drop pork and leather, and players can breed them with crimson fungi. Warped fungi is used to keep them away. Piglins hunt hoglins but aren’t enemies. Baby hoglins will try to attack players, but can’t hurt them.

Crimson Forests:
Red forest overrun by huge crimson fungi, weeping vines and nether wart blocks. A new mobs spawn here called piglins and hoglins. There’s a particle effect here that makes red spores swirl through the air.

Soulsand Valley:
The cavern is made up of soul sand and a new block called soul soil. Only ghasts, skeletons and endermen can spawn here. There are fossils in this area in the form of giant structures made of bone blocks, and there is a special cave lighting feature of blue fog. If players light a fire on a soul stone block, the fire will turn blue, called a soul fire.

Warped Forests:
Similar to the Crimson forest but instead of being overrun with vegetation, it’s more barren and blue. No mobs spawn in this location other than endermen, which makes this one of the more safer biomes than the other two mentioned.