How Two FHN Students Chose Between Virtual and In-Person School


By Sydney Ellison

A difficult decision had to be made when FHN sent out the announcement on July 20 detailing the plan for the 2020-21 school year. In-person learning versus online learning, both for the entire semester, was the question students found themselves having to answer. Families were asked to fill out a form with the final decision by July 26. 


“My initial reaction was that I was happy because I was really worried school was going to force us all to go back so I was glad that they gave us those options,” senior Emma Rohrbach said.


For Rohrbach the decision seemed like a fairly simple one, given her situation. The health risk for her and her family was not a risk she was willing to take. 


“My parents were pretty much on the same page as I am, they were happy that they had a choice,” Rorhbach said. 


Losing half of her senior year weighs heavy on Rohrbach but she’s looking towards the future positively. She likes that online learning gives her the ability to be flexible with her meals, time and other personal opportunities. 


“I’m really excited about food because I can actually make myself good food for lunches and stuff and I can get snacks whenever I want to,” Rohrbach said. 


On the other end of the spectrum, sophomore Bailey Scarbrough made the decision to go to school in-person. She remembers having a tougher time with online learning at the end of last year and wants to go back in person because she learns better that way.


“I do not learn through a screen well at all and I miss seeing my friends,” Scarbrough said. 


Scarbrough also made it onto varsity cheer and choosing online would mean losing that opportunity she worked hard for. She is excited to go back to school and see her friends, even if that might look different this year. 


“This year I’m just excited to go back in person,” Scarbrough said. “I’m not even concerned with teachers and my classes, I’m just ready to go back.”