StuCo Kicks Off Back-To-School With Spirit Week


Senior Alanna Hollins poses in her class colors. (Photo by Sam Watkins)

By Sam Watkins

During the week of Sept. 14-18, StuCo put together school spirit week. They selected a theme for each day of the week. On Monday, students came to school wearing pajamas. Tuesday’s theme was Tie-Dye vs. Acid Wash, a technique in which someone uses bleach and water to create a tie-dye effect on their clothes. Students’ clothing represented a particular decade on Wednesday. The decade depended on grade level. The freshman’s theme was 1960s, sophomores were the 1970s, juniors were the 1980s, and seniors were the 1990s. Next came Knights Day on Thursday, in which FHN students wore their knights or FHN attire. Finally, the week wrapped up with class colors day on Friday. The class color for the freshmen class  is red, sophomores are green, juniors are purple, and seniors are blue.


“I believe that spirit week is a good way for students to express themselves,” senior Duval Venegas said.


StuCo puts on a spirit week every year for homecoming. Originally, themes were chosen in a committee, but last year, the selection was opened to all of StuCo. This year, selection is opened to all through polls during Knight Time. However, the back to school spirit week themes were chosen by StuCo due to time constraints.


“Spirit Week is a time where people can go out of their comfort zone and dress in an outfit together with the student body. It helps us to build community since we do it as a collective group,” StuCo President Caroline Blanke said.