Students Demonstrate Hobbies they Learned over Quarantine [Photo Gallery]


On Oct. 2, Oct. 5, and Oct. 7, Junior Koen Schaffer, Senior Holly Winkle, and Senior Eleanor Goldsmith show off a new skill they discovered during time spent at home due to COVID-19 precautions. With public areas closed, the end of the 2019-2020 school year was spent largely at home, as was summer. Most students refer to this period of time as ¨quarantine,¨ because of the widespread encouragement to stay home and stay socially distanced. For many, dealing with the social effects of the pandemic was really difficult, but some took their new found free time as an opportunity to learn something new. Schaffer learned to fish, Winkle learned to play the ukulele, and Goldsmith learned how to become a better gardener. ¨I learned from playing ukulele that nothing comes easy and it takes time to learn new things,¨ Winkle said. (Photos by Sophie Stachula)