Community Leaders Program Implemented This Year to Promote Community


Credit to Elizabeth Runge

By Sydney Ellison

Community leaders have taken over the role of mentors and StuCo members at FHN this year. They’re up to four leaders in each homeroom and are tasked with building community throughout the school and in their homeroom.

“I would describe a community leader as someone who wants to play an active role in building community in their homerooms and in FHN as a whole through discussions and activities,” community leader advisor Jordyn Kiel said.

Along with Kiel, Kristen Johnson, Shelly Parks and Jani Wilkens are teachers at FHN who help advise and train the community leaders. The decision to create a brand new group of leaders in the school instead of continuing mentors was in part because of the uncertainty of how the school year would pan out. Since schedules were changing and homeroom would not look like it once did, they decided this was the year to try something new.

“One of the biggest [goals this year] would be that the community leaders as a whole feel that they have an opportunity to build relationships and keep morale high in a year where a lot of things just feel a little bit off,” Kiel said.