Social Media’s Impact on Advocating for Women’s Rights


Credit to Anna Hollinger

By Anna Hollinger

Over the last few months, there has been a sudden movement in women’s rights, especially over social media. Instagram stories have been filled with reposts of information highlighting issues facing women today and what needs to change. People scrolling through Tik Tok and see short clips showcasing activism while giving out useful and relevant information. Recent events have sparked the flow of educating people about what is going on in our government pertaining to women’s rights. People are wanting their voices to be heard, and social media has created the perfect outlet for them to share information while having large masses view it daily.

The recent movement for women’s rights have primarily been affecting young adults since they are the next age group to start advocating and voting on these important topics. Personal stories women have shared highlighting the struggles they have had in the past and giving their own strengths to overcome it. Having issues recognized on social media have let people gain more knowledge on the topic and form their own opinions, and has reshaped the movement for the better.

“The women’s rights movement has definitely opened my eyes to how other women have been treated,” junior Kyleigh Mcatee said, “Now that women are coming out and telling their stories, it gives me perspective. It helps me understand the struggles other women have to go through on a daily basis, and social media has played a huge role.”

The use of social media has been widely used to inform others about certain topics or issues pertaining to issues women face in our society today. There have been countless posts on informing the public about what is going on in our government pertaining to women’s rights and giving a breakdown about what a law or term means, and why it’s important. This has been crucial in recent events, because so much has been changing in a short amount of time. Educating people on issues and sharing stories of activism across platforms has helped fuel the movement and what is going to keep its momentum moving forward.

“I’ve noticed that social media influencers are showing much more issues to women’s rights, and continuously educating people is going to be the thing to spark change so more people in politics will notice,” senior Alli Vernon said.

The movement has brought women to fight for feminism across the nation and world. Together they have been able to speak out against what has always been the “norm” and fight for equality through the use of social media.

“Through social media women have been able to relate to each other on similar topics and realize it is not right,” Vernon said, “which is bringing awareness and creates a community of people fighting for the same cause.”