Students Who Attended Protests This Summer Share Why It’s Important To Them


Credit to Kaili Martin

Protestors hold signs at the St. Charles protest held this summer in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and against police brutality.

By Jordyn Sgroi

After the death of George Floyd and the following civil rights movement, protests broke out across the U.S., including many protests in St. Charles and St. Louis. Several FHN students attended these protests to stand up for racial justice. Here are a few students explaining why they attended these protests and why racial justice is important to them.

“I feel we need to take a stand. Speaking out is important because as an American it is our right to say something when something isn’t right or just. I believe this because no one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin.”

– Haley Dunscombe

“Something that inspired me to take a stand was hearing stories from people of color. I listened to my friends’ stories about how they’ve dealt with racism and how that has affected them mentally over the years and it broke my heart. I realized it’s more of an issue than I thought it was and that it was important for me to show my support and take a stand, not only for them but also for people like them.”

– Allie Moore

“It is so insane that people of color are still being discriminated against. Once we realize we are all one and every human being should be treated equally and with respect, then we can sit back down, but until then, I will do whatever I can to help the black community.”

– Kasey Galkowski

“I feel it’s important to use your voice and fight for something bigger than what’s around you. Our time here is limited.”

– Ethan Seeck

“The protest definitely spread awareness and opened the eyes of many people that didnt know much about the issue before. The atmosphere was so empowering. I never thought that I’d see so many white people fighting for black lives – I cried because it was overwhelmingly a nice feeling.”

– Brooke Posely

“I think people should protest and stand up for what they believe in. Why sit around and watch, when we have our right to protest and push for what we believe in and make this country safer and better than before?”

– Julia Kristensen