How COVID-19 is Affecting Friendships


Credit to Designed by Ashlynn Perez

After the outbreak of COVID-19, schools have been forced to adapt to new safety measures. This is why FHSD introduced virtual instruction this year. This in-depth package explores the difference between traditional in-person learning and learning online.

By Bree Ammons

COVID-19 has changed all aspects of how we live our lives from how we learn to how we shop. One of the biggest challenges students are facing is how to feel close and connected to one another while staying apart. FHN juniors Katie McNevin and Macy Cronin are two of many people who have had their friendships impacted by this quarantine. 

McNevin and Cronin have a young, but strong friendship. They became friends a year ago through a combination of cross country and mutual friend groups. Before the Covid-19 school and community safety regulations were put in place, the pair did many things together like movie nights, sports and extracurricular activities. Spending so much time together both in and out of school created a friendship that both girls cherish very much. 

“She’s one of those people [where] you just love her personality and she’s funky,” Cronin said. “She’s just one of those people that you connect with on some level and you don’t want them to get out of your life.” 

Cronin and McNevin have managed to keep themselves close and connected, but it hasn’t been easy. The pair have stayed apart since mid-August in an effort to stay safe. While this obstacle hasn’t made things overly difficult for them, it has certainly caused them to get creative when it comes to keeping their friendship growing. 

“We started playing [Among Us],” McNevin said. “We would all join and like FaceTime so we can play together, so that’s been kind of fun.” 

When they aren’t playing games together, Cronin and McNevin have been depending on quality conversation to keep themselves in touch with each other. They both have found that keeping the conversation going is important for not losing touch with each other. 

“We’re also in a giant group chat with each other,” Cronin said. “We talked about just things that are happening, a lot of music that’s been coming out and just send each other funny photos and everything that you send your friends.” 

COVID-19 made things harder for both of them, but it has also taught them a few things. Both girls have realized the impact that things like strong communication and spending time with one another in person have on keeping a friendship alive. 

“You really have to be able to open up and tell them, ‘Hey, I feel like we haven’t been talking as much’ or mention that we need to FaceTime or something,” Cronin said.