Senior Ella Pardo’s Quarantine Caused Her to Miss Softball Senior Night


Credit to Designed by Ashlynn Perez

After the outbreak of COVID-19, schools have been forced to adapt to new safety measures. This is why FHSD introduced virtual instruction this year. This in-depth package explores the difference between traditional in-person learning and learning online.

By Jordan Slusser

Most high school students went back to school knowing this year would look different. What senior Ella Pardo did not expect was to be quarantined, and miss her softball senior night. 

Ella Pardo has been on the varsity softball team three out of her four years playing for FHN. Softball is her favorite sport and pastime.

“Softball is my passion. It’s good times, having fun, and getting some energy out,” Pardo said.

On Sept. 4, Pardo came into close contact with covid, and on Sept. 14,  Pardo was sent home from school due to contact tracing. As soon as she was called to the office from her Physics class, she was in tears. She was devastated, knowing what was about to happen. She missed six high school softball games, spirit week, and hours upon hours of school work and learning. As a senior, she was looking forward to her softball senior night, as well. 

“Senior night is where you honor the seniors each year for being in the program and it’s basically sending them off. It’s usually the last home game of the year but we did it earlier this year since we didn’t know how long the season would last. You get some flowers and a cute poster from your teammates and then you get a little gift,” Pardo said. 

Senior night was originally scheduled for Sept. 14, but the coaches decided to push it back so all seniors could be there and playing. 

“While I was gone the team started a winning streak. They won every game I was gone, but I also got to watch them through a livestream that one of the parents provided. I wish I was there celebrating a win with them,” Pardo said. 

Missing practices and games leading up to senior night was not only hard on Pardo, but also for the softball coaches. 

“When a player goes out it forces us to move girls around and they are not in their normal positions which makes it hard to play great defense. It is also hard on the girls to get back into a rhythm hitting and fielding after missing games and practices. The worst part is knowing they are missing a huge part of the season,” Assistant Varsity Coach Mike Freedline said.

Pardo was beyond excited to be back out on the field after two weeks out, but after a short week she was sent home to quarantine again due to contact tracing. She may miss out on her last high school softball game, unless her team wins districts. All in all, Pardo and her team are grateful they got the opportunity to play this season despite the many challenges that came with COVID-19 and keeping people safe.

“I am so proud of how well the girls have played and adjusted to everything this year. School has been a little difficult but it is awesome that we are actually playing,” Freedline said.