Take a Glimpse at a Virtual Learning Space [Photo Gallery]


Credit to Designed by Ashlynn Perez

After the outbreak of COVID-19, schools have been forced to adapt to new safety measures. This is why FHSD introduced virtual instruction this year. This in-depth package explores the difference between traditional in-person learning and learning online.

By Azeem Ehtisham

2020 is the first year that FHSD has given an option for students to do virtual learning. This year, Connor Brinkman chose to opt into virtual learning this year. 

“Sometimes when I finish one of my classes early, I’ll walk around the house to stretch my legs,” Brinkman said.

Brinkman uses his own PC for virtual learning and is enrolled in Launch classes handled outside the district.

“When I’m done with my work for the Launch classes, I have a lot of free time before my normal classes,” Brinkman said.

Although Brinkman enjoys virtual learning, he finds it to be straining for him at times.

“My eyes will usually sting by the end of school,” Brinkman said. (Photos by Azeem Ehtisham)