Students Decide Their Favorite Christmas Movie For The Holiday Season


By Chloe Ellison

Christmas movies are a staple in the festiveness of the holiday season. It is one of the highlights of the holiday season to curl up with a blanket and some hot chocolate to watch an entertaining Christmas movie. There are a variety of holiday movies one can watch, ranging from romantic comedies to a Christmas action movie. When the students here at FHN were asked what their favorite holiday movie was, this is what they had to say.


“The Nightmare Before Christmas because it mixes my two favorite holidays, Christmas and Halloween.”

– Madison Killebrew, 11

“The Polar Express because the guy at the end with the mustache is one of my favorite characters in any movie.”

– Eric Morrow, 9

“Elf because me and my best friend watch it every year as an annual tradition.”

– Bailey Scarbrough, 10

“Christmas Vacation because it’s a funny movie that I have watched with my family for years.”

– Grace Harding, 12

“Elf because it’s funny and makes me laugh even when I’m sad.”

– Jackson Cutlan, 10