“Keller” on the Courts: Freshman Jada Keller Shares Her Passion for Volleyball

Freshman, Jada Keller strives for perfection when playing volleyball.


Freshman, Jada Keller smiles at the camera in the school’s gym wearing her Knights volleyball uniform.

Practice is constant for freshman Jada Keller. Volleyball is her life and she dedicates herself to her craft and to self improvement. She gives up afternoons and weekends to play for both her teams, at North and at MOVA where she plays club volleyball.

 “I like being able to hit [the ball],” said Keller. “It’s really fun to get high and there’s just a lot of energy in volleyball.”

For six years, Keller’s life has been volleyball. Her passion for the sport hasn’t wavered as she’s endured injuries and struggles and remained loyal to the sport she loves. Off the court, Keller worked hard to improve her skills to be able to make the JV team in August. Keller used her time during quarantine to continue to build up her skills despite not being able to play. 

“In March, I began standing on my tippy toes everyday in the shower the entire time, it sounds weird, but it improved my vertical so much,” Keller said. 

Her motivation throughout quarantine shows her determination to achieve her goals. And by the time tryouts rolled around, Keller was ready to play. 

“I was nervous but I was very excited when I found out I made JV,” Keller said. “It was especially exciting because it’s like an older age group so it gave me an opportunity to really grow as a player because I’m playing with people older than me.”

Keller enjoyed playing on the JV team. Gradually, the team grew together and formed tight bonds. She continued to progress throughout the season, and varsity coach Kent Stover was impressed with her performance as a freshman on JV.

“She brings a lot of energy onto the court and is always going and going and is very excited about playing,” Stover said. “She actually got a lot more comfortable playing at the faster speed of JV and by the end of the season, she was sitting on the varsity bench.” (Story by McKenna Hudson)