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Senior April Heien Plans to Attend Mizzou Honors College in the Fall


By Chase Pray

With over half the school year nearly over, the seniors of FHN have some thinking to do if they haven’t already started considering what college they want to go to. Luckily for April Heien, she shouldn’t have much to worry about as in Sept. 2020 she was accepted into Mizzou’s honors program. At the very least, Heien is able to experience college with her fellow senior Kane Kruse.

“I’m excited because Mizzou is a prestigious place for students to go to from North, and I know a lot of people going to Mizzou,” Kruse states. “The amount of people I know going into Mizzou like April makes this move to a new school less harsh than previous moves.”

  Even though Heien was accepted into Mizzou the expectations are still very high. She was required to send her resume, grades, classes she was taking and general information about herself. She even went above and beyond and wrote an essay to apply for Mizzou’s honors program. Heien is expected to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher to be able to stay in Mizzou’s  honors program. Luckily for Heien, she received the Chancellor award which means she receives $6,500 per year. Mizzou has really helped ease Heiens stress by reaching out to her and explaining what classes she should take in depth.

“So far I’ve received $6,500 a year and a lot of pressure as well because I applied to their honors program,” Heien said.

August 2021 will be a big step into adulthood for Heien. With Heien planning to get a dorm freshman year and hopefully an apartment sophomore year college is shaping up to be a whole new chapter in her life. With a mix of emotions and FHN’s support, 2021 may even be crazier than 2020 for Heien.

“I’m both excited and scared,” Heien said. “Going to college and getting more freedom is something I’ve been looking forward to in the past few years. However, I haven’t stayed away from home for long periods of time and it’s definitely something I’ll have to get used to.”