Knightly Show #15 | Week of 03/08/2021 | Snow Days, Rapid Record Review, Kooky Cooks, and More!

In this weeks episode of the Knightly Show, Caleb and Caroline announce news concerning the FHN community as well as bring some timely COVID-19 updates from around the world. Meanwhile, Marina Williams fields student thoughts on the recent snow days. Daniel Bridgeman reviews the latest EP from the St. Charles born band American Poetry Club and Rachel and Emily bring us a new recipe in their latest addition to Kooky Cooks. Catch it all in this latest installment!


To hear the new American Poetry Club EP follow this link:


To learn more about the Star Light Star Bright Art Show:


To learn more about the new strand of COVID-19:


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Announcers: Caleb Kruse, Caroline Blanke

Producer: Gabriel Lobato, Emily Zhang

Editor: Gabriel Lobato

Knightly Weather: Jenna Brouk

Snow Day Segment: Marina Williams

Rapid Record Review: Daniel Bridgeman

Kooky Cooks: Rachel Trapf, Emily Gantz

Will and Bens Athletic Breakdown Podcast Clip: Will Perry, Ben Covato

Drip of the Week: Jon Fitch, Amelia Churma

Pet of the Week: Sam Smith, Butters the Dog

Advisor: Aaron Manfull