Egg Dyeing

By Abigail Keathley

Nothing brings the family together like gathering around the dining room table and dipping eggs in dye. Unlike egg hunts, which are divisive and can arouse violence between family members, dyeing eggs is a serene activity that involves little competition. And what is Easter really about? Being one as a family and loving each other; Jesus wanted it that way. Jesus would not have wanted us to fight with each other over material things such as candy and money. Dyeing eggs encapsulates the importance of family and togetherness. Jesus would want us to come together for a common goal like the dyeing of eggs, rather than divide us. Dyeing eggs is also indicative of being more creative. There is more thought that goes into dipping boiled eggs in colored water. Many different components go into decorating an egg, making it more stimulating than mindlessly searching for randomly scattered eggs. Preferring decorating eggs is a sign of superior intellect and a greater love for Jesus.

“I love dyeing eggs with my family,” senior Anthony King said. “It brings us closer together.”