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AP Exams to Take Place In-Person Throughout May


Credit to Sydney Ellison

Seniors in Amy Stoker’s AP Literature practice skills needed for the upcoming AP tests.

By Sydney Ellison and Karsyn Williams

FHSD made the decision to have all AP exams taken in-person at school this year. These exams will take place May 3-17. If students or parents are uncomfortable with the tests being taken in-person, they are allowed to request to take the exams online and at home through the guidance office.

“Last year we were shut down so all of the exams were digital and at home,” AP counselor Stephanie Johnson said. “This year, we’re going back to testing in school.”

With FHSD schools starting later than usual, student quarantines, multiple snow days and the district opting to take the earliest test dates available in order to do in person AP testing, students and teachers have significantly less time to cover material. 

“I think [it will be difficult] for students to feel prepared while there wasn’t as much time,” Johnson said. “I think there’s that same concern for teachers of not having enough time to cover everything in their curriculum to feel that they’ve best prepared their students. I know that everyone is doing the best they can with everything.”

Going into the year many AP teachers felt that tests would be held online again this year. The announcement of in-person tests had many quickly switching over to pencil and paper practice. AP Literature and Composition teacher Amy Stoker was one teacher that worked to assure students confidence on an in-person test versus online. Stoker gave her students paper practice tests and time for a written exam to help prepare her students.

“It’s [in-person testing] a lot more accommodating because you can scratch out distractors, you can circle things as you read, you can mark up the test,” Stoker said. “Which really helps your brain to process.”

According to Stoker, teaching an AP class took a lot more preparation time than in past years. Units were reorganized online and every class document needed to be uploaded to Canvas.

“It’s tough to maneuver a text online and we’d been practicing that all year, and then paper and pencil is such a different animal,” Stoker said.

To prepare for AP exams, Johnson recommends utilizing online resources and connecting with teachers.

“There are resources on the College Board website that students can utilize through their College Board account so I would suggest doing that, and then also working with their teachers to make sure they have the key things to be best prepared,” Johnson said.