Athlete of the Week: Senior Brooke Wright Takes in Her Final Year with Knightline


Credit to Kyle Button

Senior Brooke Wright waves to her friends and teammates on Knightline’s Senior Night.

Athlete of the Week: Brooke Wright, Knightline

Nominated by: Tammy Rokita, coach

Passion is a driving force behind most athletes. For senior Brooke Wright, this is definitely true. 

“Her passion for dance is so large and you can see it in all she does,” her coach Tammy Rokita said. “She works so hard to be at an advanced level in dance. 

FHN Knightline is a very well-respected dance team. This year, they won 2nd place in Small Varsity Hip-Hop, and 4th in Small Varsity Jazz at a national competition. Knightline has also performed very well at state competitions. To be a part of such a successful team is a rare experience. 

“She takes pride in her team and truly loves each of her team members,” Rokita said.

Wright makes the most of every experience. As a senior, the last competitions meant even more to her. 

“I love that she takes in the moments,” Coach Rokita said. “When she was told she had made the varsity team this year she cried tears of joy and felt that her dream had come true.”

Wright has danced for ten years, and loved it all the way. Her coaches had a major impact on her through pushing her to work her hardest. They shaped Wright into the dancer she is today. 

“I look up to Abby Martinez because she is one of the strongest dancers I know, physically and mentally,” Wright said. “She is just a really amazing person.”

Abby Martinez has been impressed by Wright as well. The two have danced at the same studio for a few years, and been on Knightline together this year. 

“Brooke’s improvement has been out of this world,” Martinez said. “She helped bring us so far in success this year.”

Wright certainly ended her high school dancing career on a high note, making varsity and being a big part of such a successful team. Hard work, a positive mindset, passion, and skill are traits every coach wants in an athlete. As her teammates and coach expressed, Wright possesses all these qualities. 

“She always comes with the right mindset to get things done, because she wants the best for our team,” Martinez said. “She always looks at life on the brighter side, and never fails to put a smile on my face.”