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A Look into COVID-19 Restrictions in the Classroom for the 2021-22 School Year


By Justin Brewer

COVID-19 restrictions have been a part of everyone’s daily lives for the past 14 months. Classrooms have been no exception to these restrictions. However, the virus is constantly changing which means so are the restrictions. This has made it incredibly difficult for administrators to make any final decision about next year.

“As much as I would love to think that as people are getting vaccinated and things are changing, things are going to loosen up,” Steep said. “I don’t see us starting next year much different than we are this year.”

There were many COVID restrictions in place this year that restricted everything from class sizes to lunch seats. Administrators created these restrictions in accordance with CDC guidelines and the county health department. However as CDC guidelines are constantly changing, so are district guidelines.

Despite these changes, Steep and other administrators alike don’t see a year with entirely no COVID restrictions. They are optimistic as cases drop, people get vaccinated and more is becoming known about the virus that next year will look different. As the situation in schools is continuously improving, there is hope that next year will have some semblance of normal. However with the ever changing nature of the virus, there have been no concrete decisions made.

“We will be reviewing all of our current COVID-related health and safety protocols in the coming months,” Deputy Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Roumpos said in a statement sent out to all FHSD staff and families. “The district will provide an update this summer on what you can expect in-person school to look like in the fall.”