Biden’s First Couple Months Of Presidency Benefits the People [Opinion]

Bidens First Couple Months Of Presidency Benefits the People [Opinion]

By McKenna Hudson

Taking on the issues facing our country is no easy task for former Vice President Joe Biden. The Trump administration left Biden with the mismanaged COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, the ever growing Black Lives Matter movement, the crisis at the border and other national problems. Even with these monumental challenges to tackle, I believe Biden has managed to overcome various obstacles in his path and lead the nation in a successful first few months as president.

Entering the presidency, Biden’s first hurdle was handling the COVID-19 pandemic. With the death toll in the United States around 510,000 in January 2021, immediate action was needed in order to resurrect the country. Just several weeks after his inauguration, Biden signed the Covid Relief Bill. This plan was put in place to set up funding for vaccinations sights nationwide, use funds to stock up on high quality vaccines, handle supply shortages and increase testing and tracing. With this bill in place, Biden has dedicated his first few months to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. His goal, 100 million vaccinations within his first 100 days as president. Fast forward to day 58, the United States had vaccinated 100 million people. Biden’s new goal is to vaccinate 200 million people by day 100 in the United States. With hope on the horizon for the end of the pandemic, Biden’s plan to keep COVID-19 under control is proving successful in stopping the spread of this disease in the United States. 

With much of his time devoted to effectively managing the pandemic, Biden has had less time to handle his other involvements. However, Biden has been attempting to pass the American Jobs Plan which will create millions of jobs as well as boosting the economy by improving and expanding infrastructure. As well as the American Jobs Plan, Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement whose goal is to eliminate climate change.

But as Biden is rounding the corner in his first few months as president, I believe the work he’s accomplished in this short period of time is helping to improve the lives of American citizens.