Seniors Robert Fairless and Anthony Davidson Go to College Together for Music


Credit to Sam Watkins

Seniors Robert Fairless and Anthony Davidson pose with their instruments.

By Maddy Brewer

Seniors Robert Fairless and Anthony Davidson are planning on pursuing music alongside each other starting this fall semester at Missouri State University.

“Both of them are very passionate about music,” Director of Bands Rob Stegeman said. “They are very strong-willed individuals and they approach music that way. They’re not afraid to make mistakes and they not only do everything that is asked of them, they make musical decisions on their own.”

Throughout Fairless and Davidson’s four year friendship, they have both been heavily involved in music. Whether it be band or choir, these two have had a love for music since before they can remember. Both Fairless and Davidson can recall what first got them to fall in love with music. For Davidson, he’s always had a love for music, because he grew up watching his sister play the flute. A piano was Fairless first experience.

“I was three years old and I was at my grandma’s house, she had a piano and I went up to her and said ‘Grandma, how do I play the piano?’ and then she sat me down and started teaching me and the rest is history,” Fairless said. 

The boys have been heavily involved in music during their high school careers, So much so that now, it almost takes up their entire senior year schedules. The two of them have been in Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marchings Band and Jazz Band one throughout high school. In addition, Davidson has also been involved in Jazz Band. As for Fairless, he has also taken part in Concert Choir and Knight Sound.

“I really enjoy the emotion that goes into it [music],” Davidson said.

Music has had a great impact on the boys, so much so that they are now looking to pursue music in college. Davidson is hoping to get a degree in Music Education and Fairless, a degree in Jazz Studies with a possibility of another degree in Computer Science. 

“Whatever they do they are going to be successful,” Stegeman said. “Whether they stay on the routes they are on or now, I know these two young men are going to be successful.” 

Many younger students in the music programs have learned to look up to Fairless and Davidson as mentors. Now more than ever, more students are wanting to go into a profession involving music. 

“It’s a lot, mentally prepare yourself. You’ll have to really put in the work, but if you have the talent you should use it,” Davidson said.

In the future, Fairless hopes to be traveling the world making music. As for Davidson, he hopes to be settled down with a house and family working a job as a music educator. In going to college together, the boys hope that their friendship will last beyond high school and allow them to become better musicians alongside one another. 

“He’s a homie and we are going into the same things, so what more could I ask for?” Fairless said.