By Chloe Ellison

If you were to dig a nice, big hole in the Earth and were to look down, you would most definitely find some Gremlins or something like them. Even though there’s no scientific evidence proving this it is still a theory we should talk about. Who cares about realistic thought when you could find something way cooler in the Earth. If anything were to live under the ground it would be a Gremlin, don’t you agree? 

Now you might say: what about the lava we have found under the earth? I would answer that the gremlins live in the lava or they live under it. Who knows, maybe these gremlins are heat resistant and are able to live in the conditions under the Earth. They could have whole civilizations under our planet. Whenever this species makes a ruckus or has a storm that is what causes earthquakes. They could have a whole entire civilization and we would probably never know!

If there was a whole civilization under Earth then  maybe one day we will visit it. People go to other planets to find aliens and other life, maybe it’s been under us the whole time. If there really was a whole civilization of Gremlins living under the Earth I personally think that would be great. 

“Well you see lava is hot so if you’re digging down and fall into some lava, ouch,” said junior Mary Lauritzen, “But if you fall into gremlins at least you’ll  have some cushion. And hey, maybe they’ll take you in.”