Limited Parking Passes Available for the Upcoming School Year


By Macy Cronin

Due to the construction of the new Francis Howell North building, student parking availability has decreased to allow only seniors and juniors to park this 2021-22 school year. 

“This is a new problem and it does have solutions and we [administration] are exploring other solutions,” Assistant Principal Chris Birch said. 

First priority parking passes have been given to those who have extenuating circumstances such as students in CAPS or the work program. 

Then from there passes have been given to seniors who have signed up for parking via a google form. There is currently a waitlist for those who did not sign up in time for priority parking or those who are not in their senior year. 

For those who are unable to buy a parking pass, district bussing will be provided or parent drop-off can be utilized. The district is also highly encouraging carpooling this year for those who have friends who have a parking pass. 

“Just be patient with us,” Birch said. “We are trying it out and are considering an incentive for students who carpool. We are exploring every option and every available parking spot we have on the lot, and we will be communicating as soon as we can, as much as we can.”