2020-21 Yearbooks to be Passed Out in a Drive-Through


Credit to Jordyn

The yearbook staff poses with the 2021 yearbooks shortly after they arrive

By Amber Winkler, Web Editor-in-Chief

The book that stores the memories of years past. The yearbook. It’s something that some countdown the days for. But, things didn’t go as planned this year. The school year started and students didn’t have their 2021 books yet. Traditionally, they arrive in late July or early August.

Originally, the yearbooks were supposed to come out some time in mid-August. But, Plans to give the yearbooks out during the summer had to be abandoned due to a printing and shipping delay. The yearbooks arrived safe and sound on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

“We needed a way that we could safely give out yearbooks to students so that they would feel comfortable and we would feel comfortable,” yearbook advisor Jordyn Kiel said.

In the past, FHN’s yearbook entitled Excalibur was given out during in person registration. The yearbook staff works on the yearbook through the very end of the year to ensure that every event of the school year is included. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a change to the way they were handed out last year and that new tradition will continue this year. Now, the yearbooks are distributed through a drive through where students or family members can drive up to the front of the school to pick their book up. Yearbooks can be picked up in the attendance office or main office during school hours by friends or family of alumni or any other students who cannot make it to the drive-through. 

“I feel so excited [for distribution],” Kiel said. “This is happening later than it normally does. So, a lot of students, including the yearbook staff, have been really anxious to pick theirs up.”

The drive-through this year will be held on Saturday, Sept. 4 from 12-4:30 p.m. More information about yearbook orders can be found at fhntoday.com/yearbook.