What Should Be Worn to Homecoming This Year


By Stephanie Lichtenegger and Olivia Van Horn

A dance for high school students that all are able to attend. Homecoming is coming up soon and all FHN students are welcome. Homecoming tickets for students are $20. For guests, tickets are $25 and you must have a slip approved to bring a guest. The dance will be held Sept. 11, 2021 in the Francis Howell Central football stadium. Along with a major change in location, there is one huge difference in the dress code from previous years.

“We are asking people not to wear pointy heels because that will cause damage to the track or the field,” English Teacher and student council representative Jani Wilkens said.

There are many outfits or clothing pieces that could be wear to homecoming for the theme of “A Starry Knight”. Some common things people wear include suits, dresses, rompers, pantsuits, and dressy shoes. Student Council asks that heels are not worn since they are damaging to the field where the dance is located. Students should keep in mind other parts of the dance’s dress code, as well.

“Clothing/jewelry that displays obscene or inappropriate printing (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, profanity, prejudice, weapons, or conveys immoral messages) either explicit or implied,” is against the school dress code and will have consequences if worn. 

Many people wear dresses to homecoming. Throughout history, homecoming dresses were usually knee length, making them shorter than prom dresses, which are usually floor or ankle length. For all the suit wearers, the most common color suit to wear is a plain black suit with a colored button-up underneath matching your date or whatever color you desire.

“I’m excited about homecoming,” junior Lauren Freeman said. “I’m excited to be with my friends and see what homecoming is like at a different school.” 

This is the first homecoming that FHN has ever had outside. Due to this, no one truly knows what to expect for the weather. The projected weather for homecoming night is 61° Fahrenheit. However, North has taken steps to ensure that a dance will happen even if it rains, although it will be held on a different day. Oct. 2 is the dance’s make-up day if any inclement weather occurs.

“Wear what you want to wear, but prepare to have layers,” Wilkens said. “If I was a girl and wanted to wear a dress, I would bring a jacket.”