Knightly Show #27 | Homecoming Edition

By Kyle Button and Madelyn Clark

In this weeks installment of the Knightly Show, Kyle and Hailey interview the goon squad about their jobs, Freya and Caitlyn bring you places where you can find cheap Homecoming attire, Jenna and Allison tell us important details about Homecoming, Aiden and Rhea give us an idea of what to expect at the upcoming Homecoming dance, Madelyn and Haley let us in on some essentials to bring to the Homecoming dance, and Will and Jack bring us to some beautiful places to take Homecoming pictures. Our regular cast hosting are Kyle Button and Parker Smith.

Parker Smith
Kyle Button

Madelyn Clark
Rhea Patel

Rhea Patel

Goon Squad Feature:
Hailey Zhang
Kyle Button

Homecoming Attire:
Cailyn Hodges
Freya Rieken

Homecoming Details:
Jenna Brouk
Allison Bass

What to Expect for Homecoming:
Aidan Neu
Rhea Patel

Homecoming Essentials:
Madelyn Clark
Haley Aldenderfer

Places to Take Hoco Pictures
Will Perry
Jack Darling

Aaron Manfull

FHN Video Staff