Athlete Of The Week | Ian Kelly


By Sophie Stachula, Managing Photo Editor

On Aug. 37, when FHN Varsity football took on Oakville. Junior Ian Kelly had 15 solo tackles with 2 assists, 117 rushing on 16 attempts, 2 receptions for 57 yards, an interception, and 2 touchdowns during the game. One of those touchdowns was the game winner.

Senior Taylor Hill witnessed the game. “It was one of the best moments for football that I’ve ever witnessed for our school,” Hill said.

Kelly has been playing football for just over seven years. Brett Bevill, Kelly’s coach, couldn’t be more proud of the effort he’s been showing this season, and the success he’s had on the team so far. Kelly is proud of his team as well, and how hard they fought in that first game.

“We worked as a team. When bad things happened, we didn’t get down. We stayed together and we just fought for the next play,” Kelly said.