Workout to be Held on Sept. 25 to Spread Awareness for Childhood Cancer


Credit to Baine Family

Liam Baine poses with his family for a photo together.

By Ray Hathcock

A routine doctor’s check up turned into a fearful life for five year old Liam Baine. On May 13 of this year, he was diagnosed with cancer. 

“He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is obviously a specific kind of leukemia,” His father, David Baine said. “He is in remission. But, he still is undergoing treatment for the next two years. After that is when it will be determined whether he’s cancer free.”

Liam’s family did not expect this to happen. They wish to spread awareness about childhood cancer, so more people can develop more of an understanding towards it. So, they decided that a charity event would be useful.

“We’re going to have a workout,” Liam’s aunt and FHN Cross Country Coach, Keelin Russell said. “It takes an hour and we’re just gonna do strength and conditioning. It’s going to be a good total-body workout, but everybody who comes will know that as they’re working out, they’re helping a great cause. It will just provide a nice sense of community in it in general and add extra motivation for it.”

This event will be on Sept. 25, and will be from 9-10 a.m. The location is Emerge Fitness Training in St. Charles, MO. It is asked that participants wear yellow to spread awareness for childhood cancer.

“It’s a good cause,” David said. “Whether it goes toward the research point, or helping an individual family. It really is appreciated. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve received support, financially and otherwise. And really, that’s what it comes down to.”

Russell works at Emerge Fitness and has done this event twice before. She plans on doing this in future years as well because the profit goes to those who need it, and $50 can pay for one hour of cancer research with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. She plans on using many kinds of equipment. For example tires, kettlebells and free weights; anything that makes people enjoy themselves.

“He’s just resilient,” David said. “Unless you saw, you wouldn’t know, you’d just see an average five year old kid. But I think I put on my team website that ‘we’re in it to win it’. You know, and that’s kind of a thing that we’ve done with Liam. You know, we’re here to beat cancer and he knows that. He knows that everything he has to do Whether it’s an easy thing, or whether it’s the stuff that stinks, he knows it’s all about beating cancer. “